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Gorgeous Goldie Gryphaea Book By Bryan Lovell, Front Cover“I will tell you how I survived a disaster that killed the rest of my family. Their shells were crunched when they became lunch for a huge Jurassic marine reptile, while I survived with not so much as a scratch on my own beautiful shell.”

Gorgeous Goldie Gryphaea Book By Bryan Lovell, Back Cover“I’ll also tell you how I survived stinking black mud, intense heat, burial deep underground, dangerous exposure, thick ice and raging torrents.”

The author, Bryan Lovell, is a veteran geologist, still looking for interesting fossils and rocks. He found his first Jurassic ammonites and oysters on the coast of southern England over seventy years ago. He continues his geological research to this day at the University of Cambridge, having worked in both universities and industry from 1960 onwards. In 2010, Cambridge University Press published his book “Challenged by Carbon: the Oil Industry and climate change”.

Bryan has written this book for all grandchildren, everywhere. Click on this link for a free electronic copy:

Gorgeous Goldie Gryphaea book, by Bryan Lovell

If you want a real book to read at bedtime, Hertford Museum has hard copies for sale. All money from these sales goes to support this fine institution.

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